Stashcook Meal Planner screenshot

Meal Planner

Simplify meal planning

Prepare meal plans and organise your week. Rearrange based on what you fancy that day. Add notes to make sure you don't forget to use those leftovers or your plans to eat out. Organising your meals with Stashcook and only buy what you need, saving you money and decreasing your food waste.

  • Drag & Drop

    Drag & Drop. Simply drag and drop to rearrange meals.

  • Flexible

    Flexible. Create notes to add those ad-hoc meals

  • Weekly Shop

    Weekly Shop. Create shopping lists from your meal plan.

Stashcook Family Share example screenshot

Family Share

Sync with family members

Sync your recipes, meal plans and shopping lists with your household.

  • Automatic

    Automatic. Sync automatically.

  • Collaborate

    Collaborate. Share your meal plan ideas.

  • Peace of Mind

    Peace of Mind. Never forget those important groceries you were asked to get.

Stashcook shopping list example

Shopping List

Never forget the milk again

Automatically add all the ingredients from a recipe or meal plan. Then add any other items you might need, like that toothpaste you're running out of.

  • Quick

    Quick. Easily check off items as you go round the store.

  • Flexible

    Flexible. Add anything.

  • Share

    Share. Sync to family members with Family Share.

Stashcook Nutritional Analysis screenshot

Nutritional Analysis

Know what you eat

Hit your goals by understanding what you eat. Stashcook provides in-depth nutritional analysis for any recipe.

  • Intelligent

    Intelligent. Calculated from any list of ingredients.

  • Compare

    Compare. At a glace understand which of your recipes is most nutritious.

  • Tweak

    Tweak. Find out which ingredients contribute most to your macro-nutrients.

Stashcook Web Browser screenshot

Stashcook Web Browser

Stash recipes fast

Take the hassle out of searching and finding new recipes. Stashcook Web Browser gives you suggetions and is the quickest way to start building your own virtual cookbook.

  • One click

    One click. Find and stash recipes with one click.

  • New ideas

    New ideas. Browse 1,000's of recipe suggestions.

  • Simple

    Simple. Streamline finding great recipes.

Stashcook Recipe Collections screenshot

Recipe Collections

Organise & group recipes

Collections allow you to easily group recipes your way. Need a quick dinner option? Just look in the "10-minute dinners" collection you made.

  • Unlimited

    Unlimited. Create as many collections as you need.

  • Flexible

    Flexible. Group recipes your way.

Stashcook Screen Lock screenshot

Screen Lock

Hands free cooking

Use screen lock to keep the screen on and remove the panic when your phone's screen is about to switch off just when you need it most.

  • Simple

    Simple. One tap to enable.

  • Convenient

    Convenient. Cook hands free.

Stashcook Change Serving Sizes screenshot

Change Serving Sizes

Match any recipe to your needs

Use the + and - buttons to quickly change the ingredient quantities to match your families needs

  • Simple

    Simple. Just a tap of a button.

  • Accurate

    Accurate. Never cook too much again.

  • Shop

    Shop. Add the correct quantities to the shopping list.

Stashcook Online Backup screenshot

Online Backup

Keep your recipes safe

Never lose a great recipe again. Stashcook automatically backups up all your recipes, collections, meal plans and shopping lists. Simply sign in and all your recipe will magically be there.

  • Secure

    Secure. Only you have access.

  • Automatic

    Automatic. Backup without the hassle.

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